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Green Wing
From the multi-award winning team that produced Smack The Pony comes Green Wing - a hospital comedy like no other. Part soap, part documentary, part neither, this is comedy drama at its most surreal and entertaining.

Devised and produced by Victoria Pile, the show stars Tamsin Greig (Black Books, The Archers), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Madness Of King George, Notting Hill), Mark Heap (Brass Eye, Spaced), Steven Mangan (Adrian Mole - The Cappuccino Years, I'm Alan Partridge).

Two series and the Christmas special were written by Rob Harley, Victoria Pile, Fay Rusling, Oriane Messina, Richard Preddy, Gary Howe, Stuart Kenworthy, and James Henry.


‘It has been the most original, the silliest and the funniest thing for ages.’
Sam Fullerton – The Guardian


‘It is a breathtakingly inventive, stupidly funny new comedy from Channel 4, up there with Spaced and Peep Show in terms of talent, sheer cleverness and – most important of all – big laughs.’
Alison Graham – Radio Times

‘It has been wonderful to watch a comedy with such an rich assortment of comic creations, But best of all, it was liberating to watch a comedy and actually laugh.’ David Chater – The Times