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What if ‘Romeo and Juliet’ hadn’t ended tragically? What if the whole ‘oh no she’s dead, I’ll kill meself then, no she’s not dead, too late, oh we’re both dead’ fiasco got sorted out properly and the young lovers had to cope with not just the dramatic fallout, but also the mundanity of being just another couple? In other words, shifting format from theatrical tragedy to televisual sitcom

‘Romey loves Jools’ looks at that most underused comedy double act of all: the couple who love each other but have to cope with the spark of romance being nearly extinguished by the frustrations and inanities of everyday life. It is isn’t a battle of the sexes, or a swearing competition, or a Shakespearean injoke-fest. All you have to know is that Romeo and Juliet were once the most famous lovers in the world, and now they have to sort out whose turn it is to do the washing-up.



Not quite a geezer, but still unsure of the Mystery That Is Woman, Romeo is a little disappointed that Happily Ever After has meant a dull clerking job with Juliet’s father, a smaller apartment than he would have liked, and some of his old mates (and enemies) hanging around as ghosts.

Still determined to make the relationship work, Juliet loves Romeo dearly, but would love the romance to have continued after the killing had stopped. Keeps Rosaline around as Best Mate, but really only so she can keep an eye on her.

Romeo’s ex before Juliet came along. Still hasn’t given up on getting Romeo back, and keeps Juliet around as Best Mate, but really only so she can be there to snatch back her man when it all goes wrong.

Romeo’s geezerish drinking buddy and work colleague. Has a good relationship with Juliet in that they take turns to tease Romeo, who pretends he doesn’t mind, although in fact he does.

All victims of Romeo and Juliet’s romance, now returned as ghosts. Paris still hankers after Juliet, although his death has complicated things a little, while Tybalt and Mercutio have a competitive, bickering relationship that may just mask rather deeper feelings beneath…

Read a sample from the pilot script